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Coronavirus stretches Supply Chain’s resilience

Coronavirus stretches Supply Chain’s resilience.   After only 38 days since China first alerted the World Health Organization to cases of pneumonia, the new-found virus from the Coronavirus family has brought not only an international health emergency, but also economic impacts to the automotive and technology industries.   The city of Wuhan, also known as … Continue reading Coronavirus stretches Supply Chain’s resilience


 Subject: To all visitors, drivers and transportation companies 

The purpose of the communication below is to align with our associates, to practice safe social distancing, and to comply with the COVID-19 guidelines within ARGOSUS. 

As an action to prevent dissemination of the COVID-19, ARGOSUS has decided to work in reduced hours as informed in one of our previous notifications; please read carefully the information below according to your location guidelines: 

Headquarter (Key Biscayne, FL): 

• To maintain 6’ social distancing, employees are not allowed to use the common living areas and work scales will be implemented. Visitors are not allowed. 

Distribution Center (Frankfort, KY): 

• If you need to proceed with a shipment or pick up, please get in touch with your customer service contact to schedule a time. 

• All drivers will always be required to wear a mask at all times within our site and will have limited access. 

• No one is allowed past the receiving and shipping area. 

• No one is allowed to use the common living areas. 

Thank you for your support in keeping everybody safe during these unfortunate times. Our goal is always to keep everyone safe and healthy.