Coronavirus stretches Supply Chain’s resilience

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Coronavirus stretches Supply Chain’s resilience.


After only 38 days since China first alerted the World Health Organization to cases of pneumonia, the new-found virus from the Coronavirus family has brought not only an international health emergency, but also economic impacts to the automotive and technology industries.


The city of Wuhan, also known as China’s “motor city”, has become hub for high-tech industries: almost 50% of manufacturing locations in Wuhan and its surrounding areas belong to the automotive sector, followed by technology industry (25%) and engineering suppliers (8%).


Source: Resilience 360



Predicting disruption is part of today’s global economy, but unexpected disasters with no clear light at the end of the tunnel is different: experts predict the supply chain disruption from the outbreak could last three to six months. Planning and developing alternative supply chain providers is the basis for a resilient supply chain.


Source: Resilience 360


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