Supply Chain Integration

Supply Chain Integration

Our supply chain specialists customize solutions based on our customers’ needs, adding efficiency and value to their operations.

At ARGOSUS, we provide a simple solution for any supply chain challenge, providing connectivity across hundreds of suppliers and thousands of components. As a supply base consolidator, we reduce the amount of time and effort our customers spend managing small suppliers. This has been our core competency since our founding in 2005.

Relying on ARGOSUS for single-source supply chain solutions fosters long-term partnerships and minimizes the risk associated with hand-offs between multiple companies. ARGOSUS assumes the responsibility of buying materials on our customers’ behalf, and throughout the process we continually look for ways to reduce product costs and improve delivery performance.

We have become experts in accurately analyzing demand forecasts to master our material planning services. We keep an inventory buffer to account for fluctuating demand and lead times while reducing customers’ inventory costs. Our customers are glad to rely on ARGOSUS for their products to be delivered Just-In-Time, every time.

We have an integrated  ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system with which we have mastered fast service and customized solutions. Our system can scale, change, and expand to fit any project, helping  our customers grow significantly and providing a convenient, cost-effective tool for integrating suppliers, customers and ARGOSUS.

ARGOSUS is your choice for kitting, assembly and Order fulfillment.

Efficiency and connectivity across your supply base

Fewer transactions with standard incoterms

Extended payment terms and improved commercial conditions

Customized supply chain management


We place great value on the relationships we build with our customers which allows us to truly understand their needs; we are proud to say that we always go the extra mile.

Clear communication is key for the success of long-term relationships; the level of accessibility we offer is unparalleled.