Air Filters

Air Filters

This is a customized manufactured wire mesh air filter for interior cooling system. It can be tailored to size and shape with capabilities of applying other types of sealing and filling materials to match customer needs.

ARGOSUS advanced production equipment gives us the capability for wide variety of products (form-in-place gaskets, adhesives, potting, coating and filling), allowing us the capability for automatic dispensing of adhesives, liquid gaskets, resins, and UV materials.

Our Benchtop Robots is automatic robotic dispensing systems, designed for fluid dispenser technology. The system is perfect for a wide range of automated dispensing applications. It is a 3-axis robot, and can make dots, lines, circles & arcs with a high precision because its resolution is 0.001 mm/axis. It is simple programming and its memory can storage 100 programs with 50,000 points per program.

Whether it be for throttle cables, brake or cooling system, ARGOSUS has many styles of control cables, designed according to your customized specifications.


Galvanized Steel
Poypropylene or Steel Conduit

ARGOSUS has partnered with one of largest fastener companies, enabling us to have access to a large varieties fastener product types and keep costs low for our customers.

These type of fasteners can be made with different materials – steel, aluminum, copper and plastic.

Our fasteners can have different styles of rust prevention coating to match with the customer needs.

Proudly offer: Screws, buckles, rivets, nuts, washers, nails, ties, pins, clamp and etc.

ARGOSUS supplies custom labels for diversity applications that can be temperature resistant, tailored made for hazardous material, product ids, safety information or equipment.

Currently working with automotive quality standard products.

ARGOSUS partners with world-class suppliers such as Chemetall, BASF, ExxonMobil, The DOW Chemical Company to provide you the best product to drive your manufacturing to the next level and make your production process a success.

ARGOSUS strives to help our customers to find Eco-Friendly products for their needs.




Protective Films

Used for:

Aluminium Finishing



Automotive Components

Coil Coating

General Industry

Heavy Equipment, Off-Road