Supply Chain Trends 2020

Supply Chain Trends 2020

To talk about trends for the Supply Chain is to talk about the vital forces of a company. Today, virtually all companies base their processes on their supply chain.

With this in mind, understanding and adapting changes in your company’s supply chain is to keep up with the market, punctually delivering your products and services in the best possible way.

The subject is so important and extensive that you will read about 2 of the main trends. So if you really want to be up to date to your Supply Chain knowledge read on and enjoy.


Supply Chain Trends for 2020

1. Supply chains are getting “green”

Currently, technical debate on the environment and preservation of the environment are growing on a daily basis. Although supply chain today is not yet completely “green”, the global trend is to transform all the tools of a company as environmentally friendly as possible.

No, don’t think that’s an unnecessary or an exaggeration of environmentalists: the public/client itself is striving to consume “green products” to help preserve the environment.

The most interesting thing is that companies that adapt to this new way of using their supply chain are gaining more prominence in the market.

Therefore, one of the Supply Chain Trends is not to decrease the production of an industry, but to increase production by reducing damage to the environment. To achieve it, technology is of great importance in the control of supplies today.

In addition to being able to optimize and do more with less, it is also possible to control water, energy and gas expense.

Also, the use of renewable energy and electric vehicles are also among the “green way” of using the supply chain.

Probably following all environmentalists’ recommendations and guidelines is difficult. However, the effort will be worth it when you look at the numbers, as around 60% of the population does not mind spending more for a sustainable product.

It means you are part of environmental preservation, and you will also gain popularity and customer loyalty, even without investing in marketing.


2. Circular Supply Chain is the Future

One of the Supply Chain Trends for this year is the circular supply chain that comes to replace the traditional or linear supply chain.

This new way of using supplies has been gaining strength in the world.

The reason is simple: its principle is based on a circular production process, that is, instead of producing and disposing of all the garbage in a linear way, the company will create its process in circles where, after production, part of the raw material that would be discarded goes back to production and only what is really garbage is discarded.

In this way, it is possible to deal with the increase in raw material costs, reduce company’s monthly expenses and still adapt to one of the Supply Chain Trends that was mentioned in the previous topic.

Finally, for companies that start to adopt this new form of production, in addition to be able to gain government incentives available in certain countries, they will also be popular.

You will simply decrease your expenses and increase your popularity, everything that a company wants.


Conclusion: Your business consolidated and in full prominence!

Well, if you take trends into account and adapt them to your business, of course!!

If you like the first Supply Chain trends, I bet you will like the next ones. Make sure to come back for more information on them.

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