Coronavirus affects businesses more than Tax War.

Coronavirus affects businesses more than Tax War.

Last year, we have watched changes in import taxes greatly affect how companies deal with global suppliers: in fact, how they deal with Chinese suppliers, as the largest trading nation in the world. There were extensive discussions on moving out of China, and diversifying suppliers and even production to different countries. Then came the Coronavirus and the pandemic, to change not only how companies do business, but also our lives.

Since the news about Coronavirus took the headlines last December, companies have taken a huge hit on how they do businesses: and re-invent themselves was not an option, but a way to survive.

Elastic Logistics, where you can adapt resources from a company to expand or shrink, depending on demand, is a new trend that can help any business to perform better during this pandemic and in a post-pandemic world.

In a nutshell, logistics and supply chain rely on advanced technology, and implementing them together with artificial intelligence to control and manage supply chains in a more agile and active way.


Benefits from Elastic Logistics

  • Agile adaptation;
  • Schedules Adjustments;
  • Faster transportation management;
  • Route optimization;
  • Date changes.

All benefits controlled by artificial intelligence. The company will then be able to remain active in the market that is always fluctuating and consequently will be able to adapt its investments more quickly in strategic moments.

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