Trading and Financing

Trading and Financing

ARGOSUS has a worldwide expertise in import and export processes, in addition to optimize international logistics and improve cash flow for our customers. Our high-valued financing solutions have enabled companies to take advantage of sales growth opportunities regardless of their own financing capacity or financing through traditional sources. We provide financing to bridge capital needs of our clients to acquire or manufacture the inventory needed to fill purchase orders and contracts.


We increase immediate cash availability among other customised solutions for our customers to grow while strengthening our core competency. The result is an improvement in the entire operation, capable of delivering tangible benefits such as cost reduction and supply chain efficiency.


Our team are logistics, foreign trade and financing experts to conduct an end-to-end solution, with full autonomy to manage all steps of our customers’ operations. One of ARGOSUS’ greatest advantage is that our top executives work effectively on day-to-day operations, closely following our customers’ processes and challenges.

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Over the years, ARGOSUS has established first-class commercial relations with several overseas suppliers, managing them and their products worldwide. 

With our strategic warehouse and subsidiary offices located in China and Hong Kong, we offer world-class products to our customers who do not have direct or easy access to overseas markets, avoiding risks and complications.

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We are expanding into foreign markets, offering complete export management services to our international customers worldwide. ARGOSUS sells a variety of products on favourable open-account terms.

Our experienced team takes care of all documentation, arranges all logistics processes and organizes the financial conditions for every operation. We can deliver your products to any overseas market, optimizing your time and resources in accordance with our expertise.