What is Lean Manufacturing and how does it work
What is Lean Manufacturing and how does it work

What is Lean Manufacturing and how does it work

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What is Lean Manufacturing and how does it work

Through Lean Manufacturing, highly successful companies such as 3M and Embraer have changed their thinking and optimized their production. Come with us to find out how to do the same!

As you may have noticed, Lean Manufacturing can change the direction of your company. But, how to do that? Calm down, we’ll explain, but first let’s understand the term and its origin.


The Origin

The term Lean Manufacturing came up in a book called “The machine that changed the world”, published in 1990 and written by James Womack, Daniel Jones and Daniel Ross.

This work brings the concepts and methods used in the so-called “toyotism”, the Toyota production system.

The term, which was not even a term itself, arose in Japan, at Toyota, due to the necessity of a new production method that would meet the needs of that time, even with obstacles, such as the effects of the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombs.


Lean Manufacturing Objectives

This Lean Manufacturing method, as the name implies, aims to reduce the main waste in production.

These wastes are factors that do not add value to the product, looking at the customer’s perspective. Examples of such waste are transportation, inventory, handling, waiting, overproduction, over-processing and defects.

In other words, Lean Manufacturing seeks to reduce or even extinguish expenses that may end up being unnecessary in the manufacturing and distribution process.


How to put it into practice?

In order to correctly implement Lean Manufacturing, it is necessary to go to the root of the problem, study the company, observe and measure the data, analyze deviations and use simple, qualitative and managerial tools to work and solve the problem.

In addition, it is also important to inform and talk to employees about what is being done, to hear their opinions and suggestions for improvements throughout the process.

When Lean Manufacturing meets its objectives, you can see that the value of the business will be maximized, the production time will be shorter, there will be a reduction in costs and waste and an increase in the efficiency of the process.

Why should you inform the entire team?

Not only managers and senior people are important within an organization. Everybody makes everything work and move forward.

Therefore, it is, yes, important that employees are all well informed about the lean production process, so that they can act within their functions in order to assist in the process.

Everyone in the company must look at the same goal, paddle to the same direction, so everything is going to be right.


Finally, we cannot help saying the obvious: always seek information. And, also, training. Knowledge is never enough and can take you very far in all areas of your life.

Bringing Lean Manufacturing to your company can help you to strongly enter the market and stand out from the competition. In addition, thinking about reducing waste and acting in it, has become increasingly necessary.


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